About Astrologer

  I am from a traditional brahmin family background,57 years old. Even though my mother and other family members have deep faith in astrology and astrology is the way of life and it is important one in our culture it is among the 16 samskarams [ I.e writing the horoscope of the child, the rest or like, naming, offering food [annaprasanam etc] Incidentally my parents are closely related the vetran astrologer Mr. Krisnamurthy the author of Krishnamurthy padhathi known as KP system, I was fancied by this to start with and learned the astrology from various Guru’s also from dikshadars. I follow the system tiruganitham.

I am a Bsc [physiscs] graduate fro madras university, this education has helped me to relate the astrology with astronomy.

Testimonials – Mentor for Vedicfuture.com a leading website first of its kind in the years 2000 to 2004, consultant astropundit website, Matrimonymart.com a web site for traditional Indian matching with 19 parameters. Guest lecture in bharatiya vidhya bhavan astrology section. I have personally written more than 10,000 astrology reports.

I was offering weekly astrology programs in channel TBO broadcasted from Singapore catering Malaysia, Srilanka, Dubai and Australia. 2007 to 2010. I am also doing research on temple architecture and its Vaasthu compliance.

My expertise in numerology vaasthu and astrology and especially in marriage matching, I do voluntary services in marriage matching in the local temple rathnagriswarar at Beasent Nagar on Sundays, where I am facilitated and 100’ds of success stories vouch for it. I am also writing articles on behavior of share market on a fortnightly basis and it is my unique research based one.

At present with AMN TV a leading cable channel for more than a year daily program Nalaya palangal seen by millions of audience and getting excellent feed back and response, the Podhu thagaval [common information] I share my experiences with reputed temples in Tamilnadu I combine the astrological and remedial factors and vaasthu principles. These programs are widely appreciated. Maalaimalar.com leading tamil daily from the house of dinathanthi I am offering daily forecast for all the 12 rasi’s. it is also uploaded in YOUTUBE, the same can be viewed.

I am also doing live programmes – TV shows- answering spontaneously for queries by casting horoscope.

Our Astro Services

1. Individual horoscope analysis

2. Finance

3. Children

4. Fortunes

5. Marriage matching-traditional and character analysis.

6. Set backs in married life

7. infidelity

8. Education

9. Health

10. Spirituality

11. Business and Career Analysis

12. Numerology corrections

13. Naming the companies

14. Remedies through Gems and Yantras.

15. Vaasthu corrections and suggestions.