Matrimony combinations

  This is an important area and evaluating the a perfect combination requires a complete analysis of the respective horoscopes, in a traditional way, about ten combinations on various factors are seen, they are as follows

Dina: It is the compatibility of star and normally it is seen and counted from the female birth star, the even no’s say 2,4,6,8,9th star is considered as good

Ganam: It is classified as human, demon and deva it talks about the quality

Mahendra: This combination talks about the progeny

Streedeerga: This combination talks about the longevity of the married life

Rajju: It is a vital one talks about fortunes and happiness in the married life

Yoni: This combination talks about the sexual happiness in married life, conjugal pleasures. It is also an important one.

Rasi-moon sign compatibility: It talks about thought process and approach.

Rasi lord combination: This combination talks about the compatibility and understanding of the in-laws,

Vedai: This is important this combination talks about mutual displeasure, this should not be present for a peaceful life.

Vasya: This talks about the mutual attraction

Nadi: This combination talks about mutual health factors.

  Apart from the above in today’s context there is no distinction between a male and female as far as career or profession, they have equal participation, in those days a female happens to be a house wife with limited responsibilities, now it is important to gauge mutual prosperity, career growth and ambitions. Basic tolerance and contributions in a mutual manner.

  This factor requires a complete character analysis, this matrimonial analysis helps one to take proper decision before marriage and a tool to avoid personal calamity in life and relationship crises.